Help Capital Metro Hack Your Commute:

When we talk about solving problems, some people might immediately invoke the words of the immortal Vanilla Ice, who rapped, “If there was a problem, yo, I'll solve it” in his classic “Ice, Ice, Baby.”

Instead, it might be better to channel Albert Einstein who said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

That’s what Capital Metro is about. We see the community around us changing rapidly. As 110 people move to Central Texas each day (bringing with them 70 cars that are added to area roadways), we need to explore new options to ensure we can continue to thrive.

As more and more people move to our community, they’re looking to us for help in protecting their quality of life. We’re asking for your help in the battle against traffic, congestion and car-clogged streets.

As the transportation leader for the Central Texas region, Capital Metro has employed many strategies to help keep people moving. Some of these tactics include:

• Project Connect. Working with our partners, Capital Metro has developed a regional system plan for long distance commuters that moves more people, more efficiently and with limited stops. Project Connect will bring transportation choices to many more communities, including those outside the current Capital Metro service area. We’re working with cities in the growing North Corridor such as Round Rock, Georgetown and Hutto, to expand transit options, and we’ll soon be launching corridor studies to look at the South region serving growing Hays County, as well as to the Eastern region to Manor and Elgin.

• Frequent Transit Network. Capital Metro will soon be launching the area’s first Frequent Transit Network, a system of bus routes that will offer service every 15 minutes or less during the day, later service in the evening and increased service on Saturday. By increasing frequency, we’ll be providing more options so riders can spend less time waiting.

• Real-time arrival information. Capital Metro recently launched real-time arrival information on all our vehicles system-wide, helping riders take the guesswork out of trip planning. Riders can now experience shorter wait times and greater trip satisfaction. Additionally, Capital Metro has made its real-time data available via an Open Data Portal, which enables external developers to create innovative new apps to benefit the riding public.

• Mobile App. Capital Metro was one of the first transit agencies in the United States to launch a mobile app that gives customers the ability to plan trips, get real time information and even buy fares on their mobile devices.

• MetroWorks. MetroWorks is Capital Metro’s group transportation benefits program, which gives businesses, government agencies and schools the ability to easily integrate transit services into their organization’s benefits package through a partnership with Capital Metro. This program has a dual effect of providing discount fares for participants while getting more people out of their cars. By providing more options for businesses, government agencies and schools, we can work together with different entities to improve the quality of life in Central Texas. Those participating in the MetroWorks program can help reduce congestion and dependency on automobiles, while improving the environment and productivity by cutting down on time lost during commuting.

These are just some of the new, innovative approaches Capital Metro is utilizing to help keep Austin moving. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, but we won’t be content with the status quo. We will continue to look for ways we can enhance our services and bring more riders into the fold by giving them endless options to improve their commutes.

We welcome your suggestion and ideas about the current commute solutions we’ve put in place, and want to know what other ideas you have that will make commuting even better. Your feedback and ideas will be crucial in helping Capital Metro keep Austin thriving, beautiful and, of course, weird.

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