CapMetro: create later MetroRail service first, BEFORE spending $22 million on a new downtown station.

It is ridiculous to have a commuter train that ends service before 6PM. MetroRail cannot currently run later because it shares tracks with a freight line. Double tracking the lines so that later service can be provided (to and from Austin, and not Leander) should be the number one priority... not building a fancy new station for a semi-functional train system.

Right now, the earliest MetroRail leaves downtown at 7:05AM, and the last train arrives at 6:15PM. This creates a very narrow window for commuters from Austin - you pretty much have to work 8AM to 5PM or the train won't run late enough to get you home (alternately, commuters from Leander get earlier and later service, which doesn't seem fair).

Expand service so that Austinites can actually use the train before you spend money on a station for it.

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Tex Ramone

Location: District 2 2 years ago in Commuting
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