As the city has grown, the two lane roads that go north to south through the city, like South 1st St., have become major commuting arteries, though they were never intended to be. These roads are now plagued by immense levels of traffic, especially at rush hour.

Exacerbating this problem is the lack of turning lanes along South 1st St. When a driver decides to make a left turn during times of high traffic, they block up an entire lane of traffic along a corridor that is already inflamed by unreasonable levels of traffic.

There are two short terms solutions that will have an immediate and measurable impact along corridors like South 1st St: limit the hours that people can take left turns to non-rush hour times, and/or add sporadic turning lanes along the road so that folks can still take left turns but will not block traffic.

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Joshua Dominguez

Location: District 1 2 years ago in Commuting
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