Whomever decided to reconstruct Lakeshore Avenue on the Eastside of the lake should have their head examined. Prior to the lane changes, Lakeshore was a safe and fairly straight thoroughfare. It is now a windy dangerous road, with reduced parking. Anyone that does park, is only inches away from traffic that is now traveling in very narrow lanes. All of this to make two bike lanes. This is right next to the lake which already has bike and hike trails. I travel that street daily, and since they put it in, I have not seen one bike rider on the new lanes; they all use the lake trail. I wonder how much this cost the tax payers? We now have a very dangerous windy road with traffic that does not flow and gets stopped up. The cars have to park just inches away from traffic making exiting the cars, very dangerous. A complete waste of money, and what was once a pleasant and important road for commuting, is now a jumbled mess. In Austin's desire to be "cool" it has created a mess and made traffic worse…SMH.

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Ky Wald

Location: District 6 1 year ago in Other
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