Austin's principal mobility problem is north/south commute corridor congestion (Mopac & IH-35). We must upgrade 360 (West) and 183 (East) to provide alternative free flowing conduits to relieve congestion. Removing the stoplights on these roads will make them viable commute corridors - not the parking lots they are now.

Austin already holds tremendous BOND debt, repayment exceeds $10,000/citizen (this does NOT include County, AISD, ACC, Central Health and the city's pension debt). That repayment promises high property taxes, rents and affordability problems. It forces us to make wise cost-effective choices in use of our finite funding resources. We must avoid distraction and FOCUS on resolving the greatest problems that effect the most citizens. CAMPO predicts over 9,000,000 trips a day in our transit area within 14 years. Keep that number in mind when you consider transit "solutions".

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Roger Falk

Location: District 7 1 year ago in Commuting
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