It seem that the first thing we should do is fix the flow we have so that we get full use of the roadways we have. We need to 1. Get bus stops out of traffic lanes. These stops create back ups, effectively close the lane until the bus moves, and cause people to drive stupidly to get out of the pack. These rolling roadblocks are very frustrating during commutes. 2. Ensure that left turn only lanes are long enough to hold the volume of cars that use them during peak hours. On Riverside for example, the left lane turn traffic backs up to block the left thru lane, then a bus stops in the right lane and Riverside is down to one lane only. This frequently causes havoc and is unnecessary. 3. Construct obstacles to prevent the large number of drivers who do this, to exit and re-enter the highway again and again to get around backed up traffic. They just cause unnecessary merge delays repeatedly over the course of their trip. If we had unobstructed use of the lanes we have, and stopped people from creating merges again and again we would improve travel time, save money and actually get our moneys worth out of the roadways that we have. Thank you.

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Rick Rutledge

Location: District 3 2 years ago in Commuting
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