Driving down Cesar Chavez this morning I saw 8 construction cranes just between Mopac and 1st. Each new building represents more people living and working downtown. How do you think those people will get to and from their homes to downtown? THERE IS NO MASS TRANSIT IN AUSTIN. So, get ready for massive traffic and increased smog. In 10 years I can only imagine the mess that will be Austin. Austin is also becoming a city for the "Rich" because only rich people can afford to live downtown, or anywhere even close to downtown. So the city can say goodbye to diversity (which I'm not convinced Austin really wants anyways...sadly) and being the music capital of the world, because many of the venues are closing because they cannot afford the increasing costs downtown. So, what then will Austin be known for? A nice, yet expensive, and mostly white city. Not a place I want to live. But I won't be here then, so although I care, it won't be my problem in the long run. After 10 years of living here, I can seriously say this city is not progressing, more like the opposite.

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Ky Wald

Location: District 6 2 years ago in Growth
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