With the direction Austin is taking, you won't be able to distinguish it from CA in a couple of years.....unrestrained growth, no infrastructure to support it, and rising house prices. Unless there is a cap on physical growth, the livability of this City will only be going down....growth is not synonymous with good. Growth is mostly greed driven. The reason Austin is even on the map is because of music, but the venues cannot afford to stay open with the rising costs of rent and property. We need RENT control, growth control, transportation infrastructure, and no more tax breaks for businesses moving to Austin, give tax breaks to the home owners! Also, there needs to be a change to the way property tax is calculated. It needs to be based upon the price of the house when you bought it, not the current price....this system is so completely flawed. It will only be a few years before only white people will be able to live anywhere within an hour of downtown....meaning if you want diversity, you better think about the less affluent and providing low cost housing downtown and in every single district. Legalize marijuana and we won't have any more budget issues....Austin claims to be liberal, but I'm not sure why....

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Ky Wald

Location: District 6 2 years ago in Growth
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