Speeders on Alexandria Drive. I consistently see people driving 40-50+ on Alexandria Drive. Police sometimes run traffic on Davis Drive (speed limit 40) and catch numerous speeders there. Unfortunately whenever the police are on Davis, the speeders seem to migrate to Alexandria. Alexandria Drive is a residential neighborhood where kids play in the front yards, blind turns that are extremely dangerous at higher speeds, and Boone Elementary school at the end (Near Brodie).

The neighborhood has petitioned for speed bumps in the past and was told that Alexandria was needed as a thru fare for emergency vehicles. However now that Davis Lane has been completed (Where the fire station is located) there is no need for them to drive on Alexandria unless their call is on that street.
Perhaps electronic speed signs that flash when someone exceeds the limit (Maybe with a cameral system to issue speeding tickets). Otherwise the only way to insure that everyone slow down on this street is to install speed bumps. Preferably before someone gets killed. I personally have seen many close calls and my family lost a small dog to a speeder on this street. It is very unnerving to walk out of your front door and see cars travelling at highway speeds.

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David Dunn

Location: District 8 2 years ago in Other
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