Without a viable metro train, this city will never fix its traffic problems. I hear many complaints about Californian's moving to Austin, yet, Austin is acting like California. Building in every free square inch of the city downtown and, suburb after suburb with no end in sight is not progress. It will not be long before there is no break between towns all the way from Dallas to Houston, to Austin to San Antonio. To think that Austin can just add more and more lanes is the same thinking Los Angeles had...now look where they are. Not only do more lanes not solve the problem, it allows more cars on the road, which in turn means more pollution. All other world-class cities have a train system that runs almost 24/7 and includes commuter trains that don't stop at every stop. If we don't quickly expand upon the current metro train system so that it actually runs the hours people need and goes the places needed, we will turn Austin into one of the worst traffic cities in the country. Additionally, without ample parking at the stations and free or discounted buss transfers, the train is going to fail. Austin is allowing out of control building and sprawl, and calls it progress. Growth does not equal progress or good lifestyles for residents. Getting bigger and bigger is not progress, it is greed and lowers the happiness level for all that live there. Progress is keeping expansion under control, implementing low pollution mass transit, and high speed transit to Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. Austin is being managed very poorly if it wants to continue to be a nice place to live, otherwise it will become just like Los Angeles, or the San Francisco Bay Area within 10 years. Look at the housing prices....so, we can blame everything on Californians, or actually do something about the situation. My roommate works 5 miles from our house and there is NO TRANSPORTATIION available....and she works on 620 at Four Points...not exactly an unpopulated area....complete failure. Either build a major mass transport system with low emissions, or just don't worry about it at all and become Los Angeles. It now takes me 45 minutes to travel 16 miles from work to home. In Los Angeles, it took 45 minutes to drive 8 miles...so we are half way there!!!

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Ky Wald

Location: District 6 2 years ago in Commuting
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