Bring the Smart Trips Program to Austin - Proven 10% drive alone reductions for $10/person.

Cities across the country have replicated the successful SmartTrips program started in Portland Oregon over 10 years ago. For a cost of $9 million this program could be delivered to every household in Austin and result in an estimated reduction of 2 million miles traveled daily (the 900,000 citizens of Austin travel approximately 23 miles per person per day -> 20 million miles a day ).

SmartTrips is a comprehensive approach to reduce drive-alone trips and increase biking, walking, and public transit in targeted geographic areas of the city. It incorporates an innovative and highly effective individualized marketing methodology, which hand-delivers packets of information to residents who wish to learn more about all their transportation options including transit, walking, bicycling, carpooling, car sharing, and combining trips. Key components feature biking and walking maps and organized activities that get people out in their neighborhoods or places of employment to shop, work, and discover how many trips they can easily, conveniently, and safely make without using a car. Success is tracked by evaluating qualitative and quantitative results from surveys and other performance measures.

Portland annually delivered the program to approximately 20,000 households / 60,000 people for a cost of $600,000 per year. At this rate it would take 15 years to reach all Austinites. If we wanted to achieve these benefits in trip reductions faster the program could be resourced at a higher levels.

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Nathan Wilkes

Location: District 1 2 years ago in Commuting
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