I have my own idea on how to reduce the accident frequency on Anderson Mill Rd. Personally, I feel that 90% of the problem is the way the right hand eastbound Anderson Mill Rd lane backs up with cars waiting to turn onto the 183 southbound access road. They are prevented from doing so because cars going straight move into the right hand lane and block those turning right. Cars trying to turn out of the adjacent parking lot through a break in the line are hit by cars traveling too fast in the left hand eastbound AMRd lane.

My solution would be to make the right hand eastbound lane on Anderson Mill Road a RIGHT TURN ONLY lane. There would need to be some type of lane barriers installed to funnel traffic to the right and to prevent those in the right hand lane from going straight. There are similar pole type barriers on the 183 north access road north of Braker lane for cars exiting 183, preventing them from cutting across traffic to make a quick right turn. This will not create a hazard from those going straight because cars rarely line up very far doing so.

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Harold Coleman

Location: District 6 2 years ago in Commuting
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