Convert intersections on Capital of Texas Loop 360 to 'continuous flow' by making the following changes:

1. Fix connections at 183 (north) and MOPAC (south) to replace traffic lights with continuous flow solutions (e.g. ramps, cloverleafs, etc.) These bottlenecks must be fixed. Traffic currently backs up at these points at traffic lights, but flows well in the middle part of 360. We are not utilizing the full capacity efficiently.
see to see the obvious pattern.

2. Turn off all the traffic lights along 360.

3. Disallow all left turns at intersections along 360 (both for traffic entering 360 and traffic exiting 360) unless there is a bridge/overpass with ramps such as at 2222. To "turn left" cars entering 360 from side streets must then turn right, merge, and u-turn. To "turn left" cars exiting 360 must u-turn, merge, then turn right.

3. Add long merge and u-turn and right turn lanes to safely allow this new continuous flow without blocking the two primary lanes.

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Philip Sams

Location: District 8 2 years ago in Commuting
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