The most frustrating things I deal with in my commute are;
1. The rolling roadblocks called buses. For every bus added there is a direct negative impact on other vehicle traffic. I often see that while the left turn lane doesn't hold enough vehicles so the excess blocks the left lane. In the right lane the bus is stopped for a prolonged period, closing the right lane. IF IM LUCKY I can sneak into the middle lane to get through the congestion. We need to get the buses off the road for their stops!
2. Many of our self centered fellow drivers opt to take freeway exits to pass cars that are ahead of them. They pass the congestion and then cause more by having to merge back into the traffic they just left. We need to make this harder to do to remove the incentive.
And the third half...sitting at empty intersections waiting for the light to change is frustrating and wasteful. There's got to be a better way.

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Rick Rutledge

Location: District 3 2 years ago in Commuting
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