Promote mileage conservation like we promote water or energy conservation:

Even though we don't own a mobility utility that collects fees by the mile like our energy and water utilities do, we have an opportunity and responsibility to put significant resources to proven means that achieve significant reductions in vehicle miles travel per person.

The recent Texas Transportation Institute of I35 clearly showed that the congestion is caused by local [Austin] traffic and that the only way to alleviate the gridlock is to achieve significant reductions in local traffic. The only scenario in the study that worked and significantly reduced congestion assumed large shifts to tele-work, transit, walking, bicycle, and alternative work hours, all transportation demand management measures that make room for people who need to drive.

We need to set aggressive community wide goal for reduction of vehicle miles traveled per person and provide resources to infrastructure, programs, and services that have been proven to give people the tools and support they need to enable mobility choices.

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Nathan Wilkes

Location: District 1 2 years ago in Commuting
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