In Los Angeles there are traffic lights that regulate the amount of traffic that is allowed to enter the freeway. This same system would be a very cost effective and short term solution for all the cars that are trying to get on the freeway at the same time on i35. Instead of tunneling under the city, we just need to expand one additional lane on each side of i35 for a CARPOOL LANE. this would reduce traffic and encourage Austinites to CARPOOL. Also the City of Austin needs to promote Austinites to use alternate highways to reduce traffic. Mopac and i35 is not the only highways you can travel in Austin TX to get north to south. if you check the traffic reports most of the time 183 and 360 are clear of any accidents and traffic jams. we need to do better job at informing Austinites on how to relieve i35 and Mopac by using Alternate highways, Carpools, or CAPMETRO.

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Larry Hill

Location: District 7 2 years ago in Commuting
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