Anderson Mill Rd from Hwy 620 to Hwy 183 has become a major commuter route over the last 5 years. Accidents along the 1 mile improved section since 2012 are 1/2 the # of accidents along the unimproved 1 mile section from Spicewood Pkwy to Hwy 183. This is the busiest part of the road and has the most businesses including two major shopping malls at the intersection with 183. Access to the bus stops by pedestrians and bike riders is almost impossible due to unsafe bike lanes & discontinuous sidewalks.
I am told that this section was not improved years ago when the rest of Anderson Mill Rd had center turn lanes, bike lanes, medians & sidewalks added because much of it sits on the county line and that it can't be improved now because there is no money available. Tell that to the families of residents and commuters who have had our cars wrecked and suffered injuries (and a fatality in 2013) along this road! What is the cost of doing nothing in damage to property, injuries to people, and higher insurance costs? We need action now!

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Diane Owens

Location: District 6 2 years ago in Commuting
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