I'm very familiar with the limitations surrounding express bus service coming from MY neighborhood (For instance, the 111 would be a perfect bus for me to take, but the latest departure is is 7:37 at the stop closes to my house - and on the flip side the latest southbound departure is at 5:52) (Also, the Oak Hill flyer would be a great option, but the latest departure at 8:20 - which isn't terrible - but the latest southbound departure is 6:20 and I go to a 5:30 workout class that doesn't end until 6:30, so I would miss the bus) I realize CapMetro can't cater to my specific needs, but I can't be alone in this problem due to limited options. Because on the flip side the next option closest to my house would take me about an hour and a half.... so full disclosure, I park at Westgate illegally and take the 803. But the drive from my house to the Westgate parking lot is about 15 minutes and sometimes, it's just really annoying.

Okay, get to the point.... Can someone fill me in on other scenarios like this coming from the north? I'm only familiar with those issues coming from the south.

Thank you!

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Erica Brennes

Location: District 8 2 years ago in Commuting
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