Institute a regular bus stop review process for the MetroRapid stations and better integrate it with current and future updates to housing and infrastructure. These stations are expensive, so the opportunity to move or open/close them should be studied much more thoroughly than before.

With new apartments and offices coming online each year along Burnet and Lamar, it may be worth reviewing the usefulness of some of the existing stations. The Justin Lane (803), Domain (803), and Brentwood (801) come to mind as candidates. Moving any of these stations a short distance would allow them to better serve new and coming higher density apartments along with new commercial and retail space. New stops should also be a consideration as new living and activity centers come along. If this is to be our featured transit option, it needs every bit of help to be successful (designated transit lanes too).

Hopefully my suggestion is redundant and there is already a clearly defined process in place for analyzing the efficacy of bus stop placement. If there is, it's not well publicized.

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Dustin Kim

Location: District 7 2 years ago in Commuting
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