The only good traffic solution is a no-car solution. Studies have revealed that consistently, whenever cities reworked their roadways to accommodate traffic better, they had more cars and paradoxically the problem worsened. Cars are dangerous, dirty, noisy, and they are destroying the Earth. More people die in cars than in wars, and in cities they mandate inhumane and ugly architectural and urban design paradigms. Meanwhile, even a small area without cars takes on a park-like and community-oriented atmosphere. There are thousands of reasons not to have cars, yet we persist in the madness because a huge complex of petroleum, financial, and manufacturing industries have defined the automobile as an integral part of the American identity: if you don't drive, you don't exist. Yet the American city that demands its citizens leave their cars at the border (as East Asians leave their shoes at the doors of their homes) will create a beautiful, clean, park-like city in which community will thrive in public spaces. There are many ways to move people from A to B in a city everyday: why should we choose the most dangerous path for the sake of the people who profit from cars and oil?

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Mason West

Location: District 7 2 years ago in What works for Austin?
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