We have a rail line that runs through the center of town, from South Austin to North Austin, for shipping. At the same time, the city is proposing cutting new metro rail lines in the center of town on existing streets and they aren't understanding that we need to alleviate North-South traffic. Why not use the existing rail line? It's already there and everyone in the city would agree to use that space for a metro route rather than shipping. Shipping can go around the city instead. Cut the existing a rail line a deal to build new rail--we're cutting everyone else deals... IF appropriating the existing rail doesn't work then build an elevated rail over the existing line! People can walk up a platform to get to the metro line while the shipping line continues underneath. We need to stop thinking short-term solutions and go BIG. The current shipping lines lower surrounding property values and the train whistle is unnecessary noise pollution within established Austin neighborhoods throughout the city. Lower property values mean the city can buy cheaper land for metro Hubs in the near term. The increase in surrounding property values with the switch to metro instead of shipping will increase values and create more property tax revenue for the city and provide benefit for existing/future nearby land owners. Using these lines would provide a route through the heart of Austin from one boundary to another

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Justin Rourke

Location: District 5 2 years ago in Commuting
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