Publish a complete system plan for how the roads will work in 10, 20 and 30 years.

I think part of the failure of prop 1 was a lack of awareness of long-term plans and possibly a lack of that long-term plan entirely. If the city could have shown that the light rail was just the first part of a much larger, integrated transit system, it probably would have had much more support.

Get the plan on paper for what the future needs to be, figure out what can be done now, and make those improvements.

If there is an opportunity, implement services in an upgrade-able manner. Start with a BRT-like route. Add a dedicated lane once that route becomes utilized enough to turn it into a true BRT. Add light rail along the dedicated lane once the BRT reaches capacity. Continue process.

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Charles DuBose

Location: District 7 2 years ago in What works for Austin?
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