Continue to expand #MetroRail service.

Quadruple and then quintuple capacity. Add bridges and tunnels over arterial roads (Braker, Research, Anderson, Lamar, Manor, MLK) to increase speed. Expand or move the smaller stations to increase number of cars. Continue to lay additional track to support 2-way service.

Especially: add a park & ride at Kramer station.

Consider ways to continue red-line service south of the lake OR connect with south-running rail at downtown station.

With a sufficient capacity and frequency, the red line can serve as a trunk for the entire northern system. Would be ideal for trunk + feeder when combined with a western rapid line in the express lanes and a southern sister rail or BRT line. Could benefit from simplified, all-system fares.

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Charles DuBose

Location: District 7 2 years ago in Commuting
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