Transition to trunk + feeder route setup for #CapMetro

This idea filters riders through various longer distance, higher capacity services like metro rapid and the red line, using local feeder routes to move people into the trunk. More localized routes can be more frequent without requiring additional busses, while investment can focus on growing capacity on more efficient trunk routes. This moves long-distance busses off of key surface streets and can better take advantage of new express lanes or dedicated lanes, as well as increased rail service.

Feeder routes that have heavy ridership (such as a downtown circulator or a domain shuttle) can be upgraded to light rail, monorail, gondola, or any other fixed line at a fraction of the cost of the previously suggested long runs whose stops provide insufficient cover and are made redundant by parallel routes.

This would require simplified fares, preferably time-based, all-system fares, since there will be 2 vehicle changes on each run.

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Charles DuBose

Location: District 7 2 years ago in Commuting
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