The city of Austin needs to revisit the density and zoning restrictions for the city core. There are a lot of people that WANT to live in the city but cannot due to intense occupancy rates which drive up rent.
By allowing more medium and high density zoning throughout the city (and not just main corridors like Lamar and Burnett), people will be able to live closer to where they work and play and not forced to live long distances in low density residential dead zones like Round Rock and Cedar Park (and even places like Hutto).

People that purchase cheap houses in those areas often don't reflect on the high cost of their commute and this results in more cars being on the road for longer periods of time. If more people lived in the city core, naturally they would bike/car2go/bus/walk for trips like going to the grocery store 2 blocks away.

Folks that live in the suburbs are essentially forced to drive for every single errand due to the nature of suburban "planning".

There is an overwhelming desire by millennials to move into the city core and feel connected with their environment. Only the city can make this possible by relaxing the zoning restrictions and letting go of the delusion that Austin is a small quiet town.

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Morgan Sveen

Location: District 4 2 years ago in Growth
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